1. John Vu

    I think it would be interesting to expand this with subcultures that have developed within the otaku subculture.

    For examples: moe, technology, idol, video game, weaboo, Itasha, etc.

    How otaku has evolved past just anime/manga into any hobby/entertainment and how it has evolved from a pejorative to a hegemonic aspect of Japanese culture to the point where this stratifcation of sub-subcultures has formed.

  2. admin

    I won’t comment much on the specific content of the topic here. But it suggests some interesting ideas in terms of how to structure or “lay out” this essay.
    As I noted in class, I think the idea of choosing different otaku characters would work much better if they stand for various ideas or concepts (or as John suggests above, sub-subcultures). Or perhaps in terms of the database idea (and consuming the database), one could think of this as a menu of cultural choices. I am assuming that these choices would each turn into different “paths” exploring aspects of the larger topic. In that context, ten may be too many. But I can imagine that the paths might intersect (or cross) or loop back into one another. Particularly with branching scenarios, it can be almost necessary to draw out a diagram or map of the branches/choices just to keep things straight in one’s mind.

  3. M Salmassi

    The young men in posted videos do not appear to have been born in 1960s; although they appear to be types that get immersed in electronic games. Is there a hyper-imaginary aspect to this site? At this point, it is difficult to tell if absence of games or digital technology causes the ‘animalized’ aspect. Or is it absence of social relations? The clues must be in Hiroki Azuma’s text.

  4. Ashkan

    I agree with Rnady, I think it would be very interesting if instead of just simple branches, you can turn this into a “network” of relationships, with different elements (or “nodes”) referring to each other.

    The challenge would be deciding what these nodes are and discovering the relationships. Probably different characters, different subcultures (as John suggests), etc all can be a node in this network.

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