1. John Vu

    It seems a bit ambitious (time-wise), especially if you are starting from scratch.

    There are a good amount of free first-person templates out there all over YouTube, which would save you time coding controls, movement, etc.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKL4-8rOxMQ

    That would just leave you with learning and coding in assets.

    • John Vu

      Alternative idea: H5P has a Virtual Tour feauture. Maybe take a look at that?

  2. admin

    Like John’s comment above, and your own notes, I would also have concerns about your time. However, between the various free templates and controllers, it might be manageable, particularly if you can also borrow some assets from David Mai’s project.
    I am fairly sure, though, that text in a 3D environment should be limited to relatively short statements, quotes, etc. I don’t think extensive amounts of text will work in that context. But you could, perhaps, put text and images outside the Unity window on the webpage, so that they become supplements, notes, for the main “piece.” This way, you can convey more info, but also keep things more non-linear by laying them out in segments. Of course, there are a number of ways to have these texts also fade in and out–maybe not like a flicker film, but more slowly.
    Sound is indeed important, but I suspect you may have your hands full without worrying about allowing users to mix sounds (great idea, but . . . you probably have plenty to do without that.

  3. M Oginz

    Hi Birdy.

    This project does seem ambitious from the technical perspective. It could be a lot of pressure, but as John and Randy already wrote, it might be doable with some good templates.

    I think you should put some written information in or outside your 3D environment. I don’t know anything about Unity, but I wouldn’t rule text out entirely until you’ve played with it. I imagine trying to read a long text in the 3d space might be quite dizzying though. I like Randy’s idea of playing with transforming texts in the page itself.

    I’m not an authority on flight, but the bird’s eye view is a cool idea. Having said that, I’m not sure what flight has to do with flicker. Trying to constrain your form to function might be a good way to limit the potential inertia of working in a new medium, so I guess the question is how these pieces fit together, how might they comment on, explore, or transform/modify/subvert your topic?

    The soundtrack is another ambitious idea. I think the mixing might be very difficult to achieve, though again, play around and see what you come up with. Another way to think about it might be to just have the user choose to play different soundtracks?

    If you’re warning epileptic people of the potential for seizures, I suggest keeping it brief and to the point. I’m not sure playing with a trigger warning for seizures is the best idea, just because epilepsy is a serious medical condition. If we’re talking about a trigger warning for explicit content that’s a slightly different story, though I can’t think of an interesting way of playing with a trigger warning. Interested to see what you come up with in this regard. We think of trigger warnings as being necessarily outside the text, but having one inside the text could change the meaning in unusual ways.

  4. Alec Smith

    I think Unity is achievable. I actually think the user interface is pretty straightforward, compared to other 3D software like Maya or Blender. I would suggest devoting a day to learning the UI and watching tutorials online. This would allow you to gauge whether or not it’s worth your time/how you can plan for your project. It can also be a fun experience, once you get the hang of it.

    Here is a jump scare tutorial that I think might help with your concept. Granted, you aren’t creating a horror game per se, but the idea of triggering lights and sound are similar.

  5. A Robusti

    Hello Birdy!
    I love your project and I really look forward to seeing the finished work! I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything of ‘unity’ so I am not sure how viable is to do a bird-eye angle, but it surely seems really interesting! I think it may be useful to have a small written paragraph on the historical background, just to contextualize the project and its aim, and it may be more effective to have it outside the dark space.
    Great job and good luck!

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