A film by Pavel Koshukov



Our dreams and nightmares are difficult to recall, and it almost seems as if there is an overabundance of information being presented by our subconscious. The dream format, then, matches Walter Benjamin’s notion of distraction as a basic element of cinema, whereby viewers are overstimulated by the scattered rush of images rather than focusing their attention on a singular object. Arachnophobia presents a dream as a series of images placed over a larger image. The quick succession and abstract nature of the images gives an impression to the viewer of what the nightmare is about, but not a clear definition. It could be said that the visual experiences of a dreamer are close to watching a cinema of distraction.


Pavel Koshukov received a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production at the California State University of Sacramento in 2015. Currently working on a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at the San Francisco State University. Interested in incorporating old genre film iconography with new digital technologies in order to highlight the aesthetic appeal of retro popular cinema.