A film by Anthonia Onyejekwe



Layers is an experimental hybrid using a strong narrative driven plot that has four frames of simultaneous action occurring on the screen.  This short film has a similar approach to Mike Figgis’ Timecode (2000).

The element of distraction appears throughout this short film because it mixes multiple screens and complicated, layered narratives that are intertwined in the soundtrack and score. Viewers have the opportunity to focus on a story they find appealing and re-watch the other stories they’ve missed afterwards.

The characters in Layers experience significant trauma in their lives and learn how to cope through acceptance and the power of letting go. Each character deals with their unique issue in the privacy of their homes. However, outside their home, they conceal their problems with the mask of “normalcy.” Observing these psychological layers suggests that distraction can also refer to the ability to cope with complex and at times contradictory information at the same time.


Anthonia Onyejekwe is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from San Francisco State University. Recently, she produced and directed a documentary, titled She, about a black transgender woman who was banned from using a woman’s bathroom in Downtown San Francisco. Her film is currently being submitted to film festivals.