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face colored red from film Arachnophobia

Cinema of Distraction


Pavel Koshukov

man seen from behind from the film Layers

Cinema of Distraction


Anthonia Onyejekwe

woman lying down from the film Helter Skelter

Cinema of Distraction

Lavish Excess

Aaron M. Kerner

multiple frames of faces from film 1 + 1 =

Cinema of Distraction

1 + 1 =

Natalya Sharapova

Interior of Abandoned House

Cinema of Distraction

Necessary Distraxion

Luke Safely

Photo, titled Traveling While Standing Still

Cinema of Distraction

Traveling While Standing Still

Daniel Miramontes

Words: chance operations, distraction, etc.

Cinema of Distraction

D is for Distraction

Andrew William White

Contents #1

Mika Ninagawa: Lavish Excess — a video Essay by Aaron M. Kerner

Necessary Distraxion — an essay by Luke Safely

D is for Distraction — an essay by Andrew William White

Layers — a film by Anthonia Okyejekwe

Arachnophobia — a film by Pavel Koshukov

1+1= — a film by Natalya Sharapova

Traveling While Standing Still — a photo and commentary by Daniel Miramontes