It is common to anticipate the joys of looking back on something…

This website is designed to mimic the way details slowly fade from our memories, leaving behind only a single blurry feature. Soon after an event, abundant details can be recalled under the false assumption that one can never forget such an experience. But as time disintegrates all that we know, we are often left with singular details such a face, a facial expression, or even just a feature of that facial expression without context. Random memories of someone you know (or knew) intimately can be selected five times. Your emotions will guide your selection as each button is named after an experience you have had with this person. In real life the memory of these experiences would be triggered by a memorable smell, familiar place, recognizable objects, and more. With each selection detail will begin to fade until all that remains is a single feature to symbolize what we lose to time. Afterwards we return to the main page where this process can be repeated infinitely.

 James Huffman is a filmmaker in the MFA cinema program at San Francisco State University. James made experimental fiction films in his undergraduate studies at SFSU as well as his home state of Michigan. While we give audiences what they want, it’s important to sneak in something audiences need as well. James’ goal is to use emotion as a tool to move viewers in ways that are as informed and meaningful as possible.