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cinemedia: journal of the sfsu school of cinema

Call For Submissions:

cinemedia is the online, student-run journal of the School of Cinema at San Francisco State University.  We seek innovative critical essays, films and other media (including new media, videographic essays, and other works that challenges media boundaries), focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on student work.


In an age of ubiquitous media and digitization, what becomes of the concept of ‘liveness’? Does the term lose relevance as ever greater aspects of ‘real life’ come to be experienced only via some form of mediation or simulation? As the lines between virtual and reality become blurred, so does the concept of liveness. Individuals can now live tweet, live stream, and live video from nearly anywhere in the world. But what are the cultural, bodily, and historical implications of this new age of “live” experiences through the use of digital technology? Just as “live” only became a useful idea after the invention of recording media (prior, every event was necessarily live), we now find it expedient to refer to experiences that occur “in real life” or “in real time” in order to distinguish them from our increasingly common involvement in digital media technologies.

What does ‘live’ mean today—from “live-casting” to “real-time media” to systems that simulate the choices and even the creativity of ‘living’ beings.  Topics may include:

  • ‘Live’ sampling and recording, from musical performance to game-playing
  • ‘Live’ bots (twitter bots, porn bots, etc.) and forms of Artificial Intelligence
  • Examinations of time-based events and art practice
  • ‘Live’ aesthetics and simulations of liveness (cinema verite, documentary footage, reality shows, slow cinema, first person shooters, social media interfaces)
  • Spectatorship as ‘live’ engagement with media text
  • Theories or media that address temporality or the ephemeral
  • Historicity and real-time media
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and ‘Live’ communication technologies (FaceTime, Skype, text messaging)
  • The impact of ‘live’ technologies on social issues
  • Identity construction via ‘live’ technologies
  • VR platforms and their cultural use

Please submit work by April 20th, 2018:  Subject Heading: Live!


Submission Guidelines


Please NO copyrighted material, unless you have a proof of permission to reproduce that copyrighted material (emails, invoices accompanied by terms), or can prove that this material is “fair use” or “public domain”.

Written Submissions

  1. All papers must be submitted electronically – 
  2. No more than one submission per person per issue.
  3. All submissions must consist of previously unpublished and original material (papers written for classes are acceptable).
  4. All accepted submissions must provide an abstract, approximately 100 words in length.
  5. All submissions must be submitted in English All paper submissions should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words MLA Format.

Video Submissions

  1. Suggested Length: up to 10 minutes with credits.
  2. All accepted submissions must provide a short descriptiok (100 words maximum).
  3. Please send a link with you film (youtube or vimeo) and a short abstract to If the link is protected, please send us a preview password.
  4. Technical specifications – please check the vimeo guidelines for video submissions: We are looking for the same specs.

Still Image Submissions

  1. We support a variety of formats, but .png is generally preferred.
  2. All accepted submissions must provide a short description (100 words maximum).
  3. Please send your images with a short abstract to 
  4. Technical specifications: please check information below to choose the appropriate resolution. This is the minimum resolution for full-size/half-size or quarter-size images. FULL PAGE: 2055 x 2882 pixels (174x 244 mm @ 300dpi) HALF PAGE: 1441 x 2055 pixels (122 x 174 mm @ 300dpi) QUARTER PAGE: 1031 x 1441 pixels (87.25 x 122 mm @ 300dpi)

Audio Submissions

  1. Audio submissions can include a narration, interviews, multidisciplinary sound art
  2. Length, Size and Format: each file must be no longer than 3 minutes. Each file must be no larger than 50 MB. All submissions should be in MP3 format.
  3. All accepted submissions must provide a short description (100 words maximum).
  4. Please send your audio submissions and a short abstract via email to 
  5. Technical specifications: – All submissions must be consistent in overall sound and formatting. – All files must be the same channel format (All mono or all stereo files). Recommended tech specs: Each file must be 192kbps 44.1kHz MP3 (or higher) with Constant Bit Rate (CBR).